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Draco Hun


Lieutenant Commander Draco Hun
Last updated 25/7/2003
Current Rank: CL8/Jedi Master
Best known as: Draco, Will, Hun
Positions held: Engineering, CCC Co-creator & Deputy Sector Commander
Date registered: May 6, 1998
Dates of most chatroom activity: May 6. 1998-End 2000
Date last seen in chat: June 2003 (?) Still appears every now and then
Sex: Male
Last known location: Champaign, IL, USA

Additional Information:

Draco Hun first happened upon TF when he was dragged there by The Devil's Advocate (Lurker of Borg, later to become D@emon of Q) from Spooky's. They were troublemakers at first, but later settled down to become respectable members of the TF community. After not too long, Draco joined the Engineering department, where he became an invaluable member and good friend to fellow Engineers like Dakar and Joshua Hal.

Examples of the projects he worked on were the Ten Forward Desktop Theme and the (original) Smiley Database. Aside from engineering projects, he also enjoyed making other graphics and sites, often related to his friends and TF. He'd never let this kind of work get in the way of chatting however, and he usually had the room rolling in laughter whenever he was around.

In 1999, he joined forces with JKAD and with much excitement they created OTF's Star Wars chatroom, the Cloud City Cantina. Once it had opened, he became its Deputy Sector Commander and was given the SW rank of Jedi Master. Never letting the power go to his head, Draco continued being friend of many and chatted like nothing much had happened, helping out with the CCC just as he did with his former projects. About two years later, Draco Hun moved on from his OTF role, to spend his time on school, professional web-design and playing Half-Life.

Although appearing to have left for good, he has made several sporadic appearances in the chatrooms, and stays in semi-contact with his friends from the olden days. To date, he has never had any union-type contact with any member of outpost10f.
Miscellaneous chat posts:

ImageRank: Lieutenant Commander
ID: Draco Hun at at 18:31:59 [PST]
Tagline: (You say it's your birthday?) [Dossier]
Kat- *LOL* *eats your ear*

ImageRank: Lieutenant Commander
ID: Holo JKADraco Hal at at 14:44:17 [PST]
Tagline: (=/\= TF Absentee, Security, Engineering, and Retiree =/\=)
*eats 250 Souls*

ImageRank: Jedi Master
ID: Bob at at 18:30:37 [PST]
*eats a Dewback*

ImageRank: Lieutenant
ID: Draco Hun at at 15:38:48 [GMT]
Tagline: (will lurk for food)
D'oh! I can't access the bar with java turned off... I should've bookmarked it...

ImageRank: Lieutenant Commander
ID: #4 (a.k.a. Sleepy) at at 15:50:27 [PST]
Tagline: (Hi-ho... hi-ho...) [Dossier] [Homepage]
#8- *L* Oh, right... *hopes he didn't contaminate the recording process... Oh, it's just water under the gate... *wonders what the hell he's talking about* THWAP! *oh thanks...* Talking to himself in asterisks? That's so unlie our hero... Huh, what? Oh...

ImageRank: Lieutenant Commander
ID: #4 (a.k.a. Sleepy) at at 16:05:50 [PST]
Tagline: (Hi-ho... hi-ho...) [Dossier] [Homepage]
*waves his reserved TPM tickets at JKAD* I heard you're even more devoted than I am...

ImageRank: Lieutenant Commander
ID: #4 (a.k.a. Sleepy) at at 15:34:42 [PST]
Tagline: (Hi-ho... hi-ho...) [Dossier] [Homepage]
Yala- Thanks! *puffs and blows rings all around TF* Now that's quality!
#4- Oh, just stuff... *L*

ImageRank: Ensign
ID: #8 at at 15:35:32 [PST]
Tagline: (Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. . . ) [Homepage]
Draco: *L* You are number 4. . .

ImageRank: Lieutenant Commander
ID: #4 (a.k.a. Sleepy) at at 15:37:11 [PST]
Tagline: (Hi-ho... hi-ho...) [Dossier] [Homepage]
#8- Oh, yeah, right... *acts natural* But of course...

ImageRank: Lieutenant Commander
ID: Draco the Hutt at at 11:36:34 [PST]
*raises a flab*

ImageRank: Jedi Master
ID: Bob at at 18:07:40 [PST]
Hi, my name's Bob, and I'm a Jedi Master... *hangs head*

ImgRank: Commander
ID: Draco Hun at at 15:18:03 [PST]
Tagline: (=/\= Engineering =/\=) [Dossier]
Whoa! It ate my smiley...

ImgRank: Commander
ID: Draco Hun at at 17:00:45 [PST]
Tagline: (means to and end)
Ah, there goes the first person who ever brigged me...

ImageRank: Smuggler
ID: Sam Zak at at 07:47:04 [PST]
Tagline: [Beware of cafeteria food when it looks like it's moving. ] [Dossier]
Who looks at their IP and goes "I think I'll make it pi?"

ImageRank: Jedi Master
ID: Draco Hun at 3.14159 at 07:47:52 [PST]
Tagline: [We're Doomed!]
*lol @ Sam* Draco does!

Rank: Commander
ID: Draco Hun at at 17:47:32 [PST]
Can I level four someone then refuse to discuss it? Please? It won't take but a second...

Rank: Commander
ID: Draco Hun at at 16:58:06 [PST]
Tagline: (=/\= Lost in the Past =/\=) [Dossier] [Homepage]
*collapses into a pile of denial*