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Plain, simple, Dakar


Lieutenant Dakar
Last updated 26/7/2003
Current Rank: CL5/Lieutenant Commander
Best known as: Tailor, Dakar, Holo Dakar
Positions held: Engineer
Date registered: October 1997, approx
Dates of most chatroom activity: Early 1998-Late 1998
Date last seen in chat: Late 1999?
Sex: Male
Last known location: Somewhere, USA

Additional Information:

Dakar seemed like the kind of guy who'd live on in OTF history as one of its essential members, both by his involvement in department work but also his sparkling sense of humor. Those who remember him do so fondly, whether by some fun conversation or by his wacky Engineering projects like the Holodeck 3.

"The Tailor," as he often called himself, was TF's very own Garak character. He only did his chatting from the college he was at, which meant that every summer he'd disappear for a few months, and then return. Unfortunately, one day he left and was never heard of or seen again. It may have been that Dakar left from being unhappy with the lack of acceptance of some of his ideas, or maybe he just couldn't find his place once Outpost 10F was born; no one really remembers.

Whatever his reasons for leaving, he is still talked about and missed by the friends he left behind. Even by Tail-Kinker, whom he still owes an hours' worth of an on-line date from a valentine's day auction...

Miscellaneous chat posts:

ImageRank: Lieutenant
ID: Holo Dakar at at 23:10:22 [GMT]
Tagline: (Just your average Engineer...) [Dossier]
Subject: Rascal
Hello Admiral *runs away and jumps behind bar* Kat said it, I didn't!

The following post is from one of Dakar's homepages, which shows his settings as plain, simple Dakar

Rank: Tailor
ID: Dakar at his shop at 1210 [FST]
Subspace email: (dakar@ds9.fed)
I hope you are enjoying the holodeck. I apologize for blatantly placing myself in this program. Please click on my picture to view your options.

ImageRank: Lieutenant
ID: Holo Dakar at at 00:07:30 [GMT]
Tagline: (Just your average Engineer...) [Dossier]
You seem... Blaaaaaaaah... You won 1,000,000? So where'd you get it... Your mothers dead? THats too bad... You're going kill youself? That sux... Just plain old Blaaaaaah!

ImageRank: Lieutenant
ID: Holo Dakar at at 22:01:44 [GMT]
Tagline: (Your friendly Holodeck Programmer) [Dossier]
Jadzia: Not you, Big_L over there... I can smell he's gunning for a promo big time

ImageRank: Lieutenant
ID: Holo Dakar at at 00:09:13 [GMT]
Tagline: (Just your average Engineer...) [Dossier]
JDog: Ah, my new victim. Feast your eyes on the command net, if you will