Submitting Chatboards:

Firstly, for saving chatboards, we recommend saving it in its original HTML format (not altered like I.E. does when you choose the save with images option). The "view source" option usually works best for this. Then, either give the file the date as filename, or put it in a zip file so the modified date remains unchanged. To avoid confusion, put the month in letters (jan, feb, mar, etc).

If the conversation has one or more custom images in it, we recommend sending them along as well, so they don't get lost over time.

Naturally, we'll still accept anything that does not follow these guidelines, but for accurateness' sake, it is recommended. In case a file's date is uncertain (by having been resaved since its original capture), please mention when you think it did take place.

Submitting Other Files:

Old department pages, projects, or anything else related to the (O)TF world of the past, please send us too! Any details you may have about it, author(s), creation date, etc. would be appreciated too. Hopefully, these files too will one day make it to our site.

Send your files to this address: