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Ten Forward Ten Forward, the Star Trek/Starfleet themed chatroom, is what started it all and was almost always populated. Right here you'll find what the login, the chattop, and other pages used to look like.
Cloud City Cantina The Cloud City Cantina is the Star Wars chatroom. As Alexis did most of the original graphics and pages for this room, we ought to be able to find plenty content for it.
Trivia Every month Outpost 10F hosts an interactive Star Trek and Star Wars trivia competition. Which is very nice, but I don't think we'll have many files about it...
The Academy of the Guilds hosts fine arts guilds that contain the creative works of OTF members. Guilds include: Music, Poetry, Acting, and Creative Writing. We were never too involved with all of this, and it's also relatively new, sooooo...don't expect too much.
D'Deridex Situated on a Romulan Warbird, The D'Deridex is also known as the D'D'D'D'D or the "Green thingie" because it's kind of impossible to pronounce. Fun times were had here once though.
Rotarran The Rotarran, the Klingon chat, is situated on the flagship of the Klingon Empire. In a rather un-Klingon-like way though, it was mostly used to host cyber-weddings and be the retreat of sneaky romances. Qapla'?
Shuttlebay Search The 10F Shuttlebay is a powerful and easy to use search engine which allows you to search through hundreds of Sci-Fi and fantasy links. Star Trek, Star Wars, X-Files, Xena, there's lots to find. It even had a "Sliders" link 'cause the show was pretty cool once.
TF Memories adds OTF V1-styled "more" page
And there's a whole lot to change to it!
Boy there's a lot of text and links on this page. Somehow we're gonna fill it up with related stuff, if some day we find the site space for everything we have.

Fake announcements continue
For now, there aren't any links leading anywhere...or are there? The stuff we hope to show you here are old department homepages, some projects and of course login screens and the likes.

Hurray, I reached the last one
Other things might include people's old dossiers, some updates boards, Will's OTF Monopoly, and old TF Memories pages! So basically TF Memories memories. You know it's what you've always been waiting for. Oh yeah, and if you've got anything you think we could use for our site, click here to see how to send it.


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TF Memories updates
In case you didn't read on them on the chat transcript pages
Soon to feature all major events that happened to (O)TF

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Things that were going to exist...but didn't! And people having vanished
TF's REAL History
Was Ten Forward actually created by aliens? Not quite, but the truth is in here!


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