About Us

Ten Forward Memories the interactive chatroom museum unofficially opened in April 1999 by Katrina Lynné Schofill. It started as a simple index directory listing with dated files of old TF conversations, but later became a more thoroughly organized site.

Two years later, Alexis R.P. Deveria joined in, first just by helping out fixing stuff, later also adding Katrina's pages to the site and working on the redesign of the site to allow chatboards from other OTF rooms to be viewed as well.

Aside from having just the raw html pages viewable, we try to make sure that all images show up just as they did during the time of the conversation. The HTML too has been preserved as accurately as possible, it has only been edited for purposes of getting the images to show up.

Although TF Memories consists primarily of pages saved by Katrina, we welcome any submissions you'd like to offer too. Anyone else who has had a part in supplying content for this site is mentioned on the credits page.